A Helpful list to troubleshoot why your emails might be going to junk

There are a lot of reasons that your email may be going to your recipient's junk folder. In fact, if you search the web, you will see hundreds of articles with tricks and tips. While there's no guaranteed way to ensure your emails end up in their inbox, here are some things you can do to increase your deliverability rates.

1. Set up an unsubscribe link in all your emails
This is such a quick and easy step to do! Check out this help video on setting up an unsubscribe list. If the recipient's email provider sees frequent emails from you that looks like marketing emails but don't have an unsubscribe button, you will most likely end up in the junk folder.

2. Clean up your database!
Once you do step one, step two will come naturally. Stop sending emails to people who have unsubscribed. If you're only using our inbuilt email unsubscribe button, you may be sending emails to people who have subscribed, but mailgun has blocked the emails from going to them, or whose email addresses are not active.
The best way to combat this is to email us and ask for a list of anyone you've sent an email to who has unsubscribed, or their email address is inactive in mailgun, then load that list in to your MarketingPlex account and mark those users as DND!

3. Change the content your emails.
A lot of email providers see a lot of spam every day and know what to look for. Your content or email subject lines might look too much like spam, and you may need to change them up! Here's an article we found on how to increase open rates with a catchy subject line. Here's another one on words and phrases to avoid minimizing your risk of going to spam. Don't forget to run a spell check and fix up your grammar, a lot of spam emails use spelling mistakes on purpose, so too many spelling errors will send your messages straight to the spam folder!

4. Update your email footer.
If you're sending our mass emails, make sure the footer includes the following things:
- Business name and/or logo
- Unsubscribe button (see point 1)
- Business address (If you're a small business working from home, at least include the suburb, state, and postcode
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Other items commonly included in email footers you can add in while you're there include an email address, phone number, links to your website and social media accounts

5. Calm down the frequency of your emails
If too many people mark your emails as spam, your emails will also go to other recepients junk folders! Take some time to look at your emailing frequency (including automated emails in workflows) to make sure your not emailing too frequently. If you get in touch too often, the email carriers will pick you up as spamming your mailing list, and your customers will mark you as spam as well!

6. Updated everything listed above? Run a spam test.
Ready to send out an email? Before you hit send, visit Mail Tester to test how "spammey" your email appears! This website will give you a score and a breakdown of things you may need to change. Just be aware, this is a pretty technical breakdown, and instead of tips like "Change the wording in the subject line", it will pick up things like broken links, images without alt attributes, the inclusion of bitly links, etc.
It's very hard to get a perfect score, and even emails with perfect scores can end up in the junk folder!