The "Call Status Trigger" runs on Outbound and Inbound calls. The workflow can be triggered by call directions and statuses from this workflow or from another workflow linked to this workflow.

All Filters

Call Direction

By clicking on this filter, you can select the direction of the call; either as an incoming or outgoing call.

Incoming Call

Selecting the "Incoming" call, the workflow is triggered when a contact (new leads or old contacts) calls the number associated with this account.

Outgoing Call

Selecting the "Outgoing" call can allow you to track all the different call records of your sales team.

Call Status

The system automatically tracks the statuses of every call made and triggers them based on the 
status of the call:

  • The contact number could either be Busy when the call was made, or 

  • The call got Canceled, or 

  • You were able to Complete the call (you successfully spoke with the lead/contact), or 

  • The call was Not Answered, or 

  • You were directed to the lead/contact Voicemail. 

In Workflow

This allows you to trigger calls from another workflow, right here in this workflow, by selecting the outside workflow you want to connect to. For Example, you can add the "Recipe-Appointment Booking" workflow in the filter of this workflow trigger, which will automatically fire this workflow whenever a call status is updated in the "Recipe-Appointment Booking" workflow.