It is important to connect your Facebook account with all of the permissions with . If you are trying to connect your Facebook pages with LeadConnector, but some of the pages are missing in the list then you can follow the below guide:

Navigate to Facebook

Login to your Facebook account and then navigate to Settings and then Business Integrations

Search for the LeadConnector application in the Business Integrations. Once you find the application, click on the "View and Edit" link.

Select the List of Pages

Upon clicking the link, you will see the popup, make sure you have given all the permissions and selected all of your social channels. If some of the channels are unchecked, you can check them from there.

Save and Reconnect

Once you have changed the permissions/selected the new pages, click on the Save button.

Now navigate to Settings in Social Planner, and connect your Facebook pages. This time, you should be able to see the pages that were not showing previously.