We have listed down the reasons for the most common errors that you face while publishing content to 
Facebook and start scratching your head why the content did not appear, but with errors such as:

  1. Your message couldn't be sent because it includes content that other people on Facebook have
    reported as abusive 

  2. Your content couldn't be shared, because this link goes against our Community Standards: 
    ***If you are sharing content to Facebook with a URL shortener, your URL shortener must be 
    blacklisted by Facebook. To solve this, you will have to reach out to the Facebook support to whitelist 
    your URL shortener. 
    ***If it is a URL without shortened, the domain must have been blacklisted by Facebook. The owner of
     a website will have to reach out to Facebook to whitelist their URL. 

  3. Error validating access token: The session has been invalidated because the user changed their
     password or Facebook has changed the session for security reasons: 
    ***Your session/access token to Facebook has been expired. This happens if you have: 
    1. Change your account password
    2. You have not made a post to Facebook in the past 60 days from Social Planner

  4. The user must be an administrator, editor, or moderator of the page in order to impersonate it.
     If the page business requires Two Factor Authentication, the user also needs to enable Two 
    Factor Authentication: 

    ***If the business page that you are managing have enabled two-factor authentication, you need to enable the Two-factor authentication on your account level. After that reconnect your account and you will not be facing this error.

  5. The 'manage_pages' permission must be granted before impersonating a user's page: 

    ***If you are publishing content to your client's social media pages and they have added you as an administrator, in such case, you will be getting this error.Make sure, you have the administration access to those social media pages and while connecting the account, you allow the manage_permissions to the Pages section so your post publishes without any issues

  6. Post failed to publish on your Facebook group 

  7. (#200) Subject does not have permission to post photos on this page

  8. Missing or invalid image file 
    ***If you have scheduled the social media posts, and the link that you are sharing with the image is no 
    longer opening, you will be getting this error for your social post 

  9. An unknown error occurred: 
    ***If you are getting this error, then issue most likely is that your Facebook page access token does not
     have enough permission to publish content. Sometimes, your posts are published, but few times they 
    are failed. If you are facing this issue, what you need to do is reconnect your pages and make sure you 
    have given all of the permissions while connecting your Facebook Page. 

  10. The url you supplied is invalid or This link could not be posted:  

    When we publish a message that includes a link to the message, Facebook takes a look at this link and indexes it. When Facebook servers are overloaded they can’t index it during the request time. Facebook throws one of the errors mentioned above. Facebook still indexes the link, so the second try couple minutes later usually goes without any problems. Right now, we have not added the Retry attempt if this certain problem appears but we will be adding this within the next couple of weeks. Meanwhile, you can republish the same content to your social channel.