Edit Your Email Content 

Editing email content may look overwhelming with a lot of buttons for edits but be rest assured it would be made easy as we work you through each edit button.

Simply clicking on the Edit tab will open up a plethora of opportunities and features in your email builder. You can select from the email templates available or build from the scratch. This is what the first view of the Edit tab looks like for a "Promotion" template.

Edit Block

When you click on an edit button of a block, it drops down the block's features that enable you to 
edit the "layout, padding, background type, color, and body pattern". 


You can clone a block by clicking on this icon so you won't have to build it all over again.


You can delete a block by clicking on the "delete" button.

Add Layout

When you are starting from scratch or adding layouts to your templates, the first thing you have to do is grab a layout block and simply drag & drop it into the template workspace.

The image below shows a full-width layout block and you can also see all its Settings on the left-hand side of the block