Manage Your Settings 

Before getting started, you might want to head over to the Settings tab located at the middle of the screen to set up and customize things like your "From Name", "From Address", "Subject line" of your email and even add the "Preview" text which is displayed in some of the email clients like Gmail.

Email Settings Components

In this section, you can control the default settings of your email templates.

As shown in the image above, these six things comprise your default settings for any email template you build.

  1. Click Settings on the top-middle of the page to access this feature. 

  2. Here, you can set your "From name" (the sender's name). 

  3. Next, you can set your "From address" (the address of the sender). 

  4. Customize your email Subject Line here. 

  5. Next, you can also enter the Preview Text. 

  6. Finally, you can enter an Internal email name for your own and your organizational internal purposes.

Voila! You are all set to send out those email campaigns and generate more leads and sales.