If you are interested in cancelling your MarketingPlex account/subscription...please send us an email to:  support@marketingplex.com

Please include the following information:

  1. Your Company Name / Organization
  2. The Administrator's full name
  3. The Administrator's email account
  4. Phone Number

Once your request has been received, we will cancel your subscription immediately, but you will still have full access to your account through the end of the paid subscription period.  We recommend you export any data you wish to save.

Note:  You can save your account and all its data (up to the subscription end date) by simply sending us an email (support@marketingplex.com) stating that you no longer wish to cancel your subscription.

If you do not renew your account by the subscription end date, the account will be deleted along with all data.

Important:  We are not responsible for the loss of data, information, etc. within your account, due to an account subscription being cancelled.