Custom buttons are a great way to increase the productivity of your team, when processing new leads, conversations, etc.  

Buttons are specific to your account and are setup the same across all accounts (for ease of use and standardization).

When and where do they appear:  Custom contact buttons appear on the full contact record, and when you are in the conversations window.  Contact buttons do not appear when there are no contacts in the 'unread' section of conversations.

Full Contact Record:


How to request a customized button:  Please submit a request to and provide the following information:

  1. Button Name
  2. Button Color
  3. Button Icon (brief description of what you are wanting....we'll do our best to find it)
  4. Tag or Link (URL) that the button should be connected to
    • Note:  Buttons can 'Link' to any URL, or TAG that you wish.

How to add buttons:  If you currently do not have 'Custom Buttons' enabled on your account...and would like to add them; please visit the MarketingPlex pricing section and scroll to 'Pro Add On' to purchase them.  Buttons can be added to any account.

Although buttons can be customized (on request)....the following table documents the 'Out of the Box' setup for the Real Estate Industry:

Real Estate / Wholesaling Custom Contact Buttons

ButtonButton NameTag / LinkPurposeCampaign?
Google DriveLinkLinks to your Team's Shared Drive Spacen/a
Cheat SheetLinkLinks to a single doc used to assist lead specialists in determining which button to usen/a
MapLinkOpens a new browser tab to google maps and displays the contacts address locationn/a
Wrong #TagUsed when the contact states that 'you have the wrong number'no
Not OwnerTagUsed when the contact states that they are not the
Who's This *TagUsed when a contact replies with 'who's this' or 'who are you?'yes
Owner *TagUsed when you have confirmed that the contact IS the seller/ownerno
Interested *TagUsed when the seller shows interest in selling their property.yes
Wants Offer *TagUsed when the seller is asking for an offer.yes
Wants Retail *TagUsed when a seller is asking retail, or above retail
Follow UpTagTags the contact with 'follow up' so you can easily locate all contacts needing to be contactedno
Tried Calling *TagTags the contact with 'tried calling' and immediately sends an SMS message to contactyes
WARMTagTags the contact with 'warm' and sends the lead to the acquisition pipelineno
HOTTagTags the contact with 'hot' and sends the lead to the acquisition pipelineno
(SMS) - Not IntTagTags the contact with (sms) - not interested and placed the contact in a follow up campaignyes
(CC) - Not IntTagTags the contact with '(cc) - not interested' and places the contact in a follow up campaignyes
SOLDTagTags the contact with "sold"Coming Soon
DNCTagUsed to DNC a contact that has requested to be removed from any further
Multiple PropsTagTags the contact with "multiple properties"no
Lot / LandTagTags the contact with "lot / land"no