MarketingPlex Transfer Guide

Modified on Tue, 17 May 2022 at 09:50 PM

For users transferring to MarketingPlex from another CRM, SMS, or Marketing Platform....please use the following guide to ensure that your transfer goes smoothly:

Having multiple screens while you are transferring info will make things go a little easier.

  1. Phone Numbers / Twilio (Settings > Phone Numbers)
    • Option1:You own your own Twilio Account:
      • If you own your own account, simply log in to your Twilio account and email your SID and Auth Token to:
    • Option 2:You were given a Twilio Subaccount:
      • If you were assigned a Twilio Subaccount by your platform provider, you do not need to do anything except request a new subaccount from MarketingPlex.  Unfortunately, subaccounts are associated to each platform provider and can't be transferred.
  2. User Accounts (Settings > My Staff) 
    • Create any existing user account(s) used by your team.
  3. Campaigns (Automation > Campaigns)
    • Any campaigns you use on a regular basis should be recreated in MarketingPlex.  
    • Any active campaigns that are running should be 'run out'.  As soon as you can, you will want to begin running all new campaigns in MarketingPlex.  Do not start any new campaigns in your old system.
  4. Conversations - (Sidebar Menu > Conversations)
    • Conversations can't be exported.  If the conversation you are having with a contact is critical, you should be able to highlight the text, copy, and paste into a 'custom field' notes field...which can then be exported.
  5. Contacts - (Sidebar Menu > Contacts)
    • Begin by clicking the 'columns' dropdown.  
    • Select all checkboxes.
    • Click the checkbox to select all records, then click the link to Contact Notes
  6. Opportunities/Pipelines - (Sidebar Menu > Opportunities > Pipelines)
    • Compare your pipeline stages for each pipeline you have.  Create and/or modify as needed.
  7. Triggers - (Sidebar Menu > Automation > Triggers)
    • Compare your triggers.  Create and/or modify as needed.
  8. Workflows - (Automation > Campaigns)
    • Compare your workflows. Create and/or modify as needed.
  9. Funnels - (Sites > Funnels)
    • Compare your funnels. Create and/or modify as needed.
  10. Websites - (Sites > Websites)
    • Compare your websites. Create and/or modify as needed.
  11. Forms / Surveys - (Sidebar Menu > Sites > Forms | Sidebar Menu > Sites > Surveys)
    1. Compare your templates. Create and/or modify as needed.
  12. Templates - (Conversations > Templates)
    • Compare your templates. Create and/or modify as needed.
  13. Settings - (Sidebar Menu > Settings)
    1. Custom Fields - (Settings > Custom Fields)
      • Compare your templates. Create and/or modify as needed.
    2. Tags - (Settings > Tags)
      • When you exported all of your contacts, your TAGS should have exported as well.  During the import process, any TAGS not in MP will automatically be created from your exported file.  No need to recreate.
    3. Domains - (Settings > Domains)
      • Compare your domain settings.  Create and/or modify as needed.

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