In this video you will see how to use the Manual Actions feature to make calls. 

*Note When making calls  the system will use the number that is assigned to the user that is currently logged in.

In this section, your can track all your manual actions. If you are the assigned user of a manual action, you 
will also be able to start completing those manual actions in this section.
***NOTE: Depending on your user permissions, you may not have access to all of the components***

Choose Campaign/Workflow

Manual actions will be different depending on which workflow/campaign you have selected. In order to see manual actions from different workflows and campaigns, use this drop-down selector.

Select Assignee

Manual actions will also be different depending on which assignee you have selected. In order to see manual actions from different assignees, use this drop-down selector.

Start Manual Actions

If you want to start a manual action, simply click this button and your CRM will either begin making a phone call or bring you to the contact's section to start a textual conversation.

Manual Actions List

  • Contacts 
    This column will show you the customers or leads that are assigned to certain manual actions

  • Campaign/Workflow
    Here you will see the workflow or campaign that manual actions were created in

  • Date Added
    This is the date that the manual action was created. This is great for tracking tasks and the time
     your employees are taking to complete them

  • Assigned To User
    This column will show you the CRM user that has been assigned to a particular manual action

  • Type of Manual Action
    Here you can see whether a manual action is a manual call or manual SMS 

  • Delete Manual Action
    If you created a manual action by mistake, or need to delete it for some reason, you can do that
     by clicking the icon here 

View Manual Actions In Dashboard

You can also track your manual actions in the dashboard of your CRM in the section that looks like this. This is very useful to get a quick view of the pending manual actions pending, as well as what kind of manual action they are.