Embedding Calendars

In order to use HTML code, and add your calendars to external websites like WordPress, you will need to select a calendar here.

  • Choose Calendar Team
    You will first need to select a calendar team here. If you don't have any calendar teams created, 
    you will need to create one first. 

  • Choose Specific Calendar
    Next, you will need to select the specific calendar from the team calendars using this drop-down 

  • Calendar Team URL
    After you have selected a team calendar and specific calendar from within that team, you will get a
     unique URL that will direct right to that calendar found here.  

  • Calendar Embed Code
    You can also use the HTML embed code to add your calendar to any external website by simply 
    pasting this code onto a webpage. 

    Copy to Clipboard
    You can easily copy this calendar URL and embed code by using this "copy to clipboard" button