In this section, you can create and manage Stripe and PayPal products for your customers to purchase.

***NOTE: Depending on your user permissions, you may not have access to all of the components***


Please read this alert notification very carefully before dismissing it.

  • Always use our platform as the system of record for products and prices. 

  • Make any updates only here and we will sync with Stripe/Paypal automatically. 

  • Don’t make any change on Stripe/Paypal for the products and prices created from our system. “Created by” entry on 

    metadata section will have “LeadConnector” if the product or the price is created by our platform 

  • If you directly update a product or price on Stripe/Paypal, we will create a new product or price there to avoid any data

     inconsistency issues. 

Creating A New Product

Create New Products

  • Add Product Name

  • Product Description

  • Product Type (service, physical goods, digital goods)

  • Name

  • Product Price

View All Products

If you have added any products, you will see them here. If you do not have any products to view, this area will be blank.