The "Appointment Trigger" workflow runs when an appointment is being made. The update in appointment 
status depends on the filter you choose.

All Filters

Appointment Status Is

By clicking on the "appointment Status is", you can decide if you want the trigger to respond only when;

  • There's a New appointment, or 

  • The appointment is Confirmed, or 

  • The appointment is Canceled, or 

  • The client/prospects Showed up for the appointment, or 

  • The client/prospects don't Show up for the appointment (No-Show), or 

  • The appointment is Invalid. 

Has Tag

When you select a tag in the "Has tag" filter, and a customer that is linked to this tag you chose updates their appointment status, this workflow will automatically trigger.

In calendar

When you select a particular user's calendar in the "In calendar" filter, this workflow will automatically trigger whenever there's a change in the appointments status of any customer linked with this specific calendar only.

For instance; Jim John's (a sales representative) calendar has been selected in the "In calendar" filter and if a customer confirmed an appointment on this calendar, the workflow will trigger.