Premium Triggers & Actions Pricing

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Premium Triggers & Actions Pricing

Premium Actions are $0.02 / execution

What are Premium Triggers & Actions?

Are you looking to take your workflows to the next level? If so, you must check out Premium Triggers & Actions, now available in the Workflow builder!

LeadConnector (LC) Premium actions and trigger unlocks advanced capabilities such as connecting workflows to external systems or software - without using expensive third-party automation tools like Zapier, Integromat, or PabblyConnect.

With Premium Triggers & Actions, you can integrate systems like Slack and Google Sheets into a workflow and catch inbound webhook actions (Post requests) within the same process. 

New Premium Triggers

Inbound Webhook

An Inbound Webhook is a powerful feature that enables an external system to send data to your CRM automatically. Whenever an event occurs in the external system, you can trigger a workflow in your CRM by sending an HTTP POST request to a specific URL associated with the trigger. This real-time data transfer capability enhances the functionality of your CRM by allowing it to integrate seamlessly with other systems.

Google Sheets

The Google Sheets Premium Workflow Action is a powerful tool that allows users to automate various data management tasks within their Google Sheets documents. This feature enables you to create, update, delete, and look up rows in your spreadsheets without any complex third-party integrations. This helpful article will guide you through setting up and using the Google Sheets Premium Workflow Action to streamline your data management processes

Slack Notifications

Workflow Slack Premium Action is an advanced communication feature designed to automate and streamline messaging within Slack, a widely used team collaboration tool. This feature allows users to send targeted messages to specific users, private or public channels within their Slack workspace. A user-friendly interface and customizable options ensure effective communication by enabling users to set up and schedule notifications based on their needs.

The action offers three main events:

  • Sending a message to a user: Users can choose from four options to send a direct message to the right person: Assigned User, Custom Email, Internal User, or Slack User. Each option serves a unique purpose in determining the Message's recipient, ensuring accurate and efficient communication.
  • Sending a message to a private channel: Users can select a private channel within their workspace to send messages, which will appear as if sent manually by the User who created the Slack integration. This allows for secure communication within a select group of team members.
  • Sending a message to a public channel: Users can choose a public channel within their workspace to broadcast messages, making information accessible to all workspace members.

Custom Outbound Webhook

The Custom Webhook - LC Premium Action is a powerful and flexible feature that enables real-time communication between your CRM system and third-party services. It allows you to configure and send custom data requests to specified URLs using different HTTP and authorization methods. This feature also supports adding headers, query parameters, and mapping custom values to create a tailored request structure that meets your needs. With autocomplete suggestions and user-friendly interfaces, the Custom Webhook streamlines data exchange and ensures accuracy in your workflows. However, it is crucial to consider API response success and server limitations when using this feature to prevent errors and disruptions in workflow execution.

Date/Time Formatter

The Date/Time Formatter action is a versatile tool that allows users to reformat date or date and time structures and compare dates within workflows. This feature enables easy conversion of date formats for compatibility with different applications, database storage, or communication channels like email, SMS, or Slack. It also facilitates the comparison of dates to calculate the difference in days, simplifying date-related calculations and decision-making. 

Number Formatter

The Number Formatter is a powerful tool designed to enhance your CRM experience by providing seamless number formatting capabilities. Effortlessly convert, standardize, and format numbers, currencies, and phone numbers to meet regional requirements. Unlock new levels of automation and personalization in your workflows, ensuring accuracy and consistency across your CRM. Elevate your business operations with the Number Formatter Premium Action, and enjoy a world of streamlined data handling and improved customer engagement.

Workflow AI-Chat GPT

Introducing the Workflow AI Premium Action, a transformative tool that enhances your business processes by leveraging artificial intelligence. Seamlessly integrate AI into your workflows, utilizing the power of ChatGPT from OpenAI for a myriad of tasks, such as content generation, email crafting, and intent recognition. Unlock new dimensions of automation and personalization in your workflows, ensuring responsiveness and contextuality across your business operations. Elevate your business efficacy with the Workflow AI Premium Action, and experience a revolution in process automation and customer engagement. 

Pricing for Aworkflow AI is $0.045/ execution

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