This is an overview of your opportunities tab. In this section, you will be able to organizenew opportunities into pipelines and keep track of them throughout the entire sales cycle. 

***NOTE If you do not currently have "Pipelines" set up, you will either need to visit the setting area and create 
them yourself or contact Marketingplex Support to create them for you***

Opportunity Cards

With opportunity cards, you are able to control and organize pipelines of leads, customers, and other opportunities as they move further down different sales funnels.

Edit Opportunity

When you click on the Opportunity Card, it will open up the Contact info. Here is where you can change the Contact's Info:

  • First and Last Name

  • Emal 

  • Phone

  • Tags

  • Company Name

  • Opportunity Name

  • Pipeline

  • Pipeline Stage

  • Status

  • Lead/Value Amount

  • Owner

  • Opportunity Source

How To Filter Opportunities

There are many different filtering options in the opportunities section to give you more control and insight into how your pipeline stages are performing.

Filter By Date

Filter your opportunities using specific periods of time.

Filter By Date Added

Filter all opportunities by the date when they were added to your CRM in descending or ascending order.

Change Pipeline

Change the pipeline in which your opportunities are located. You can create as many opportunity pipelines as you would like.

Filter By Owner

Users/Owners can be assigned to specific opportunities. This is very useful for sales teams! Filter by opportunity users/owners here.

Filter By Campaign

Filter opportunities by the specific campaign they were created from. This will give you insight into how successful different campaigns are.

Filter By Opportunity Status

Opportunities can be given a status of either "Open", "Won", "Lost" or "Abandoned" depending on where that opportunity is in the sales pipeline. This is where you filter by a specific status.

Filter By Additional Items

You can filter your opportunities by leads that have an assigned task, calendar events, notes, etc. This section will remember what you’ve previously selected.