In this section, you can create text message and email templates, so your team can quickly respond to 
common questions about your products or services.

***NOTE: Depending on your user permissions, you may not have access all of the components***

Adding New Templates

If you want to create a new template, click here to choose between an SMS template or an Email template.

Create Text Template

  • Name Template
    Your template will need a name. Remember, naming conventions are very important
     when you or someone from your team is trying to find a specific template to send
     to a lead or customer. 

  • Create SMS Template
    In this body section, you can create your SMS template! 

  • Attach Files to SMS
    You can attach files from your computer to your SMS templates by clicking here 

  • Preview SMS Template
    As you create your SMS template, you can preview what it will look like to your leads or 
    customers by clicking the preview window here! 

  • Send Test via SMS 
    If you want to test out your new SMS templates, you can do so by entering a phone number 
    here and pressing "Send Test"

Created Templates List

  • Template Name  
    You can view your templates by name here

  • Template Body
    Here you can see what your template body consists of without having to click in and edit the 

  • Template Attachments
    Here you can see what attachments are included in your templates

  • Template Type 
    Here you can view all your template types, i.e whether SMS or Email

    Edit Templates

    You can search and view all your templates by template name here. Clicking this button will open up the template editor.

    Delete Templates
    Clicking this button will delete your template. Be careful, once deleted it is gone