Adding New Templates

If you want to create a new template, click here to choose between an SMS template or an Email template.

  • Name Template

    Your template will need a name. Again, remember that naming conventions are very important when you or someone

     from your team is trying to find a specific template to send to a lead or customer

  • Add Subject Line

    Give your email template a subject line here

  • Create Email Template

    In this body section, you can create your email templates!

  • Attach Files to Email

    You can attach files from your computer to your email templates by clicking here

  • Mobile Email Template Preview

    As you create your email template, you can preview what it will look like on a mobile device to your leads or customers

     by clicking the preview window here!

  • Send Test Email

    If you want to test out your new email template, you can do so by entering a "From Address" and "To Address" and then by pressing "Send" here.