Custom fields are used in forms and surveys to capture data and information that is outside the scope of normal questions
 like "Name, Email, and Phone Number".


Add New Custom Field

In order to create a new custom field, you would click this button in the top right corner. 

Custom Field Options

  • Text Field 
    Also known as "single-line text", this text field is used when requesting the user to input a small amount of text as their answer.

  • Large Text Field 
    Also known as "paragraph text", this text field is used when requesting the user to input a large amount
     of text as their answer. 

  • Numerical Field 

    Like the numerical field, this field can only contain numbers as this is meant to capture monetary amounts. This can be used when referencing things like salaries, gross income, hourly wages, etc.

  • Checkbox Field
    This is your standard checkbox field. Users will be allowed to select multiple options when using the checkbox option. 

  • Single Options Field
    This is also known as a "drop-down field". This allows the user to open a list of options to select from.
     They can only choose one option. 

  • Multiple Options Field

    Like the "single options" field, this field opens up a drop-down selector. However, your user will be able to select multiple options with this field type.

  • Radio Buttons Field

    Radio buttons will give your user the ability to select their choice from a list of options. Unlike the checkbox field, radio buttons restrict the user to only selecting one choice.

  • Date Field
    When clicked, the date field will open up a calendar that allows the user to select a specific date.

  • Textbox List Field 
     The text box list field gives your user a list of inputs that need to be filled. This is very useful when asking for text items closely related to keeping them all in one spot.

  • File Upload Field

    You can offer your user a file upload field where they can upload many different file types. You can also add an upload limit so the user does not upload too many files. Supported file types are: PDF, DOC/DOCX, JPG/JPEG, PNG, GIF, CSV/XLSX

  • Signature Field 
    Using this field you can collect a signature from your user. They will need to draw their signature with their computer 
    mouse or touchpad.

    Delete Custom Field

    To delete a custom field, click this icon.

    Once you delete a custom field, it is permanently deleted.