Managing Contact Details

When managing contacts in your CRM, you have a ton of power and control of their data! In each contact card, you can add/remove tags, add them to automation, call, message, email, and so much more!

Contact Name

When you click on a contact, you will first notice that you see the contact name located here. This is important for when you are moving through different contacts, and need to verify who's information you are currently changing.

Cycle Through Contacts In List

To change contacts from within this view, you can simply cycle through them by clicking here.

Contact Details Card

On the left panel, you will find all of the contact information. The information will be different depending on the panel that you are currently looking at. This is where you will see the Contacts info:

  • First and Last Name

  • Email 

  • Phone

  • Date of Birth

  • Contact Source

  • Tags

Different Contact Tabs

Here you will see a few different tabs. Each tab has different information on each contact. We will briefly discuss the data found in each tab so you have a better understanding when navigating to each one.

Contact Info Tab

The default tab is the "Contact" tab. This tab shows the basic information like name, email, phone, etc.

This tab also has more complex data like tags, opportunities, and workflows. By scrolling through this area, you can see the different data and information for this contact. 

Active Campaigns & Workflows

This drop-down will show you all the ACTIVE campaigns and workflows that this contact is currently in. You can also use this tab to add a contact to a campaign or workflow! 

Delete from Campaign & Workflows

You can also remove a contact from a campaign or workflow here by clicking on the X next to the campaign name. Removing a contact from a campaign while on their contact page will not delete them from the actual campaign. The contact will remain in the campaign but instead of being active it will show cancelled. The only way to delete them from a campaign is to do into the campaign, find the contact and click the trash can on the far right off their name

Past Campaigns & Workflows

This drop-down will show you all the PREVIOUS campaigns and workflows that this contact is was in at some point.


Here you can see all the current opportunities for this contact and the opportunity statuses. You can also add contacts to opportunities here.

General Info Tab

In the general tab, you can add contact information regarding their business name, address, and website information. You will also find the Zillow and Google Map short cuts buttons

Additional Info Tab

The additional info tab is where you will find all custom fields. If you are not familiar with custom fields, they are pieces of data and information that you create yourself in the settings area. You can add custom fields to forms and surveys to capture unique data about your contact. You can create custom fields to add the number of beds/baths, when they would like to sell time frame, additional phone numbers, the dispostions, options are endless