You can manually add a new contact into your CRM with this button. Your CRM will automatically add contacts into your system whenever there is a text, call, Facebook message, or email communication created. When you click on the button, it directs you to the information page where you can input the contact details.

  • Adding New Contacts

    Here you can upload the business logo of each contact as a way to identify them especially if you have clients bearing the same name. The proposed size is 512*512px and not bigger than 2.5mb

  • First and Last Name
    Type in the Contacts First and Last Name Here

  • Email
    Type in the Contact's Email Address Here

  • Phone Number

    Type in the Contact's Phone Number Here

  • Contact Type
    You either move the contact to a Lead or a Customer

  • Time Zone
    Choose the timezone your contact is in. This will help you or any of your users know the best time to contact them

  • DND Some or ALL Channels
    You can enable the Do Not Disturb notification here for all the social channels or some of the channels 
    of the contact.