Workflow is a series of actions performed when a specific event occurs. For example, when the lead has 
shown interest in your product, youw will need to take some action such as sending them more info about
your business or sending them a text message, etc. With the help of automation, you're creating the actions 
to be performed by the system when a specific event occurs. It helps you streamline your business process,

saves you a ton of time, and helps you manage your business more efficiently.

Editing Workflow Trigger Names

The title you name a workflow trigger. You can name your workflow triggers any way you want. This helps with identifying triggers quickly and organizing the workflows.

Changing Workflow Trigger Type

This is the type of trigger assigned to a workflow. You have a few different options. Each option relates to a different category in your CRM system:

  • CRM Triggers

  • Membership Triggers

  • Facebook Triggers

  • Shopify Triggers

Here you can select the trigger you want to work with. The triggers are arranged alphabetically.

Adding Workflow Trigger Filters

Filters allow you to apply a specific trigger to a workflow. Without a filter, the workflow will only trigger the default. Every workflow trigger has its own filter. Choose the workflow trigger you want to work with and the filter icon will pop up below, click on it to get the filter options available for that particular workflow trigger.

Adding New Workflow Triggers

You can start building your workflow by clicking on the " Add New Workflow Trigger" icon.