What do to do and what NOT to do when sending messages.

Information on how to increase your phone numbers reputation. Write your messages as if you are writing to a friend or relative. This will help you not appear as a spammer. Write your messages in ways that asks for a response, be creative and not generic. Most of all don't sound aggressive.

Increase the time in between your messages. Give the person time to reply without sending them another message so soon. Remember people get busy with life, work, kids, etc and don't always respond right away. Life is hectic for everyone, remember that! 

Ramp up your sending reputation 

You should warm up your new number(s). 

Sending from new number(s) can cause recipients to opt-out. The more recipients that op-out may cause your message to get flagged as a carrier violation.

When the carriers first see your text. it's important to keep your messages simple. More importantly, don’t use links or any sales language. The last thing you want to do is sound like a salesman

Avoid sending out text to frequently 

Be mindful of your texting volume and the frequency. Sending out to many messages from a single number could cause that number to be blacklisted. Have no more than 5 local numbers or 3 Toll Free numbers at once. Using multiple numbers will help prevent carrier violations. 

Start out by sending out a small batch per hour and slowly increase that number over time. For example: Start out with sending 20-25 per hour, wait 2 days increase that number to 30 -35 etc. Just as long as you are not sending out more than 100 messages per phone number to NEW contacts. 

Keep the length of your text small

You should keep your message to no more than 160 characters (1 segment). If a message is longer than 160 characters, the carriers could break it up into multiple messages (you will be charged for an additional segment). 


Be aware when using links

Be careful using links. You want your lead or customer to easily be able to reach out to you. However, “http,” “http://,” “https://,” “https,” and others can trigger some filters. 

Before you avoid using links altogether, make sure the messaging service you are using will send you a notification for any filtered/blocked texts. 


Send messages that encourage recipients to reply 

You should create your messages in a way that is asking for replies to specific questions. You want to ask questions that will get a "Yes" "Yes I would like more info, etc." this will tell the carriers that your message was welcomed or expected by the recipient. The more replies you get, the more conversations you will have. Having more conversations and less replies to opt-out will help your sending reputation. 

Avoid carrier violations by not using flagged words

Don't come off aggressively or use to many CAPITALIZED words. Write your message more personalized as if you are the intended recipient. Avoid using emojis!

Avoid words that make you look like a spammer. Words like (All -cash, hassle free, As-is, No repairs needed etc.)

Certain keywords can violate a carrier's rules. (see the list below) 



Cash Offer


Local Investor

Offer Cash 


For Sale



Out of Blue 
Excuse me 


Selling Property 









Out of the blue
Do you happen to know 

Did I reach the right person 

Do I have the right person 

Do you know anyone 

Property Records 


Public record

Keep in mind that the carriers have great filtering so different variations of the keywords above will likely also get your numbers flagged as spam.