Smart list is where all of your CRM contacts will live and breathe. Smart lists allow you to sort, filter and
 manage contacts using  data and information in the contact's account! This guide will educate you on the 
different components of smart lists and how to create them

***NOTE: Depending on your user permissions, you may not have access to all of the components***

Creating New Smart Lists

In order to create new smart lists, you will need to add filters. Filters will allow you to segment your contacts based on their position in the sales process or how they have interacted with your company.  Once you have selected filters for your smart list, you would click the icon to save your smart list. You will need to give your smart list a name when you save it so that you can easily identify it at a later time. Tags are a good filter to use.

Created Smart Lists

Once you have created and saved your new smart list, it will appear in this top row area so that you can easily navigate to it and continue working on it later

Edit Smart List Columns

To customize and edit the data columns you see in your smart lists, select this drop-down and turn on/off columns

Search For Contacts

To search for contacts in your smart lists, use this search bar. You can search for contacts using their contact name, business name, tags, email, or phone number. You will need to search using a minimum of 3 digits/alphabets.

Search For Data

If you need to quickly search for a contact or data like tags, emails, or phone numbers, you can use this search bar to do that!