Pipeline Change

Here you can manually move a single contact or a group of contacts to a different pipeline in your opportunities section 

Add/Update Opportunity

To add a contact to any of your opportunities, you have to select the contact/s you want to add or update

  • Select Pipleine

    Select the pipeline you will like this contact to be in. It is required you fill this portion

  • Select Stage 
    You will also select the stage in the pipeline you want them to be. It is required you fill this portion 

  • Opportunity Name 
    This is the name that will appear on the contact's card in the opportunities section.
     "Opportunity name" is different from "Contact name", 

  • Opportunity Source
    Type in the source (the platform you got the contact from) of the contact you are adding to your 

  • Lead Value
     Input the estimated value of the client/customer should in case you are able to close the deal(s) 
    with them. Once you close the deal, the value will automatically be added to your revenue 

  • Opportunity Stage
    You will select the stage you want to put them in your opportunity 

  • Action 
    Type the name you will like to describe this action, this will be shown in the tracking report

  • Add/Update Opportunity
    Click on the save button to add or update the changes you made