Adding Email Information

Before you can send an email, you will need to add the proper information in the input areas including:

  • From Name

  • From Email Address

  • Email Subject

  • Email Message

Add Custom Values to Emails

You can add a variety of custom values to your emails in order to customize them using the exact information that a specific customer previously entered in a form, survey, or appointment calendar.

Add Trigger Links to Emails

You can also add trigger links to track customer interaction when they click on links inside your emails.

Adding Files to Emails

You can add files and images to emails by clicking this button and selecting the files from your computer.

Using Email Templates

Email templates can be made in your CRM to cut down on response times. Templates are usually best for communication that's common or frequently asked.

Request Payment via Email

You can now request payments from your customers or leads right from the conversations section of your CRM! Simply click this button and fill out the information in the pop-up to request payments!

Collapse Message Box

If you'd like to collapse this message box, you can simply click this icon.

Clear Text Box

To clear the text box and start over with a blank slate, simply click this button.

Send Email

Don't forget to send your email out when you are finished typing it!