Where To Find Contact Details 

Once a conversation is selected, you will find contact details about your open conversations located on the right side of the screen.

Link To Contact Page

By clicking on this icon/image, you can visit that particular contact's profile for more control and management.

View and/or Edit Contact Details

If the CRM recorded these contact's details incorrectly, you can simply update them here. You have the ability to add/update the following contact details:

  • Contact Name
  • Contact Phone Number 
  • Contact Email Address

Add/Edit Tags

If you want to add any tags to a contact while having a conversation, you can add them here.

Add/Remove DND

If any contact wished to be removed from all future communications, you can add them to the DND list here.

The DND list will restrict all future communications to broadcast out to this contact, even if you tell the CRM otherwise.

Simply disable DND to continue the conversation.

Workflows & Campaigns

Adding a contact to a workflow is as easy as clicking this section and selecting the specific workflow you'd like to add them to!

List of active campaigns and workflows

To quickly add contacts to campaigns and workflows, simply click this button. 

Current and Previous Opportunities

You are also given a list of current and previous opportunities for each contact. This gives you more insight into each contact and what stage they are at in your Opportunity funnels. 

Create New Opportunity

You can also add any contact to a new opportunity directly from this quick action sidebar!

Schedule Appointment

If you want to schedule an appointment with any contact after a conversation, you can do so by clicking the "Schedule" button shown here.